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HIPAA and other guidelines in geriatric care

Georgia Home Care Agency Business Consulting Services

Georgia Home Care Agency Business Consulting Services

Caregiver Agency Support Services from Home Care Business GA

Are you looking to purchase a Private Home Care license? 

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Approved by the State of Georgia.
Save time and headaches!
No franchise fees.
You own it 100%.

Be Part of a Growing Georgia Home Care Market


Invest in and Manage Your Own Business


By 2020, there will be more senior citizens in the US than ever before in history. As life expectancy increases and healthcare improves, Georgia sees an increase in better eldercare every year.


  • Create a business with unlimited potential for growth.

  • Build an agency that can be managed from a home or shared office.

  • Organize a business that operates smoothly and efficiently.


Home Care Business GA can help you establish your company’s private care services in a local or state-wide market. Successful solutions for forward-thinking Georgia home care companies. Combine your love for working with the elderly with a solid business model.

Starting an In-home care business can be overwhelming and complicated. Our agency business consulting services are designed to make it easy to start and run your caregiver agency.​

Enhanced Support from Experienced Home Health Care Consultants


You might love working wth seniors but have no experience running a business. We have the expertise to help anyone with the passion learn the necessary business operation skills. Build a Caregiver agency from the ground up, founded on the principles that are important in your caregiver and business philosophies.


Serving all of Georgia


From our Atlanta headquarters, our tech-savvy program allows digital document transfer, storage, and maintenance. We serve our clients using cloud storage backups, video conferencing, and other online business support services for training and paperwork.



When necessary, we serve our clients by traveling throughout the state of Georgia. Ask us about our travel services and the ability to come to your home office or your in-home care business location for training and document processing.

Our team serves all of Georgia. With a focus on quality and a passion for caregiving for the elder community. We’re in it. We’re owners and caregivers ourselves. We believe in the value of true passion.

Darrius & Angela Shannon

Home Care Business GA Founders

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Licensed In-Home Care Business Consulting Services

Growing business opportunities. Georgia state certified professionals.


Licensed through the Georgia Department of Community Health

A State of Georgia approved Medicaid Provider.

Benefits of Home Care Business GA Services

Proven Business Model


Starting a business can be a very intimidating endeavor.  New businesses often fail because of the lack of support.  Be mentored by business professionals who have a proven, successful home care business plan.​


Approved Policies and Procedures

Complete specific Georgia home care policies and procedures, customized by our consultants, then professionally designed, proof read, and printed.

Full Hands-On Consulting Services


Other home health care consultants will "guide" or "assist" you in the process, we do it for you.  Where other private care services consultants take on too many clients to allow time for teaching and support, we will do the work for you and then teach you best practices.

Convenience and Ease


With online documentation and templates for all paperwork, cloud storage of business materials, easy-to-implement marketing strategies, and face-to-face training, it has never been easier to take advantage of home care business opportunities.


Georgia residents and business owners from other states can easily manage their in home care business.

No Royalty Fees


We offer a one-time fee for our business services. No on-going caregiver agency royalty fees. Private financing may be available for parties that qualify.    

Choose Your Territory

You will not be part of a franchise, so there are no territory restrictions. You can develop your business in the markets that you set, and expand to include additional territories whenever you like. Home Care Business GA is here to support your home care business plan

Comprehensive 5 Step Process to Establish a Caregiver Agency

Assure a viable agency. Start with a proven home care business plan. 

Home Care Business GA uses a turn-key business model to teach business owners every step. 100% of the licensing process, incorporating your business, marketing in your area, and more.


5 steps to a successful Georgia home care business


  • Application Processing

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Training

  • Operations

  • Medicaid Provider

Learn the sequence of tasks to ensure fundamentals aren’t missed. Realize proper resource management for your time, energy, and money. Home Care Business GA business consulting services provides you the tools and processes you need to succeed.

Caregiver Agency Consulting Services
Everything required to successfully operate a home care agency, customized for your business.

We have created an easy-to-follow system for people who love working with seniors and need help developing the right business skills to manage a Georgia home care agency successfully.

Documentation Services


  • Incorporation, LLC, tax ID, and other requirements of an in-home care business.

  • Apply for a Georgia Home Care Business License. 

  • Become a Georgia licensed Medicaid provider.

  • Enact any Plan of Correction after your home care business license survey.

Business Management Services


  • Learn recruitment and retention strategies.

  • Develop professional human resources and accounting skills.

  • Train on how to maintain professional and qualified staff.

  • Hone your Internal Systems Development strategies.

  • Create and implement customized documents for all aspects of your home care company.

  • Develop tailored orientation packets, operational forms, administrative processing.

Inspection Support


  • Enjoy home care consultation during live state survey.

  • Develop a Plan of Correction for post-survey business developments.

  • Learn industry best practices in teachable, shareable formats.

  • Receive post-licensure review and ongoing education.

Home Care Business GA: Full caregiver agency support services. Because we care.
Found Your Own Successful Georgia Home Care Agency


Focused on Consulting. Focused on Communities. Focused on Care.

Call today and get everything that you need to run a successful Georgia home care agency.

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